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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Inspire® therapy by reading the frequently asked questions below:

Learning about Inspire therapy

How does Inspire therapy work? Video

Will Inspire therapy work for me?

Is my insurance going to cover Inspire therapy?

Preparing for my Inspire therapy consultation appointment

What to bring to my appointment? Video

The Inspire® therapy process

What is an airway exam? Video

What is involved in the Inspire® implant procedure and recovery? Video

Life with Inspire therapy

What does Inspire therapy feel like?

Will Inspire therapy limit my activities?

What about scars?

Can I get an MRI with Inspire® therapy?

Other FAQs

Is Inspire therapy Department of Transportation approved?

Will Inspire therapy help with snoring?

How long does the Inspire implant battery last?

How often should my doctor check my Inspire therapy?

What are the risks of untreated sleep apnea?

What sleep apnea treatment options exist?

Questions? We’re here to help.

Our team of Inspire therapy Advisors are ready to help you. They can answer your questions, help determine if you meet the basic qualifications and help you find an Inspire-trained doctor in your area when you’re ready to set up an initial consultation.

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