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Michigan Woman Finds Relief After Two Decades of Sleep Issues

Linda Cole struggled with sleep issues for 20 years, but it took a scary bout with influenza before she got to the root of what was happening with her breathing at night.
By Anthony Iozzo
Published on June 5, 2024
Linda Cole and her husband Mark have fun at Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play.

Cole had multiple sleep studies, but it wasn’t before she needed to go to the hospital in 2018 that the results came back conclusive for obstructive sleep apnea.

Cole received a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine as her first treatment option, but she tried several masks and couldn’t find relief. That led her to an alternative – Inspire® therapy.

Linda Cole and her husband Mark paddle down the river.

She was implanted in June 2020 and was activated about a month later. Cole slept six straight hours the first night, something she hadn’t done in years.

Her energy levels are also higher than they have been in years.

“I feel so much better, and I can’t stop telling people about Inspire,” Cole said.

Cole first discovered she had OSA after going to the hospital to treat influenza and a bacterial infection, but no one could figure out why she was getting so sick.

A bronchoscopy later revealed the root of the problems, leading to Cole’s OSA diagnosis.

Cole received a CPAP first, but her attempts to make it work were not successful.

Linda Cole, her husband Mark and her friend Pat hang out by a cave waterfall. Like Linda, her friend Pat also has Inspire.

She needed a second mask after the first one didn’t help. It was more tolerable at first but still presented challenging issues. It leaked air that blew into her eyes and caused her to wake up feeling bloated with a dry throat and mouth.

Cole returned to her doctor seeking a new option, and that’s when she learned about Inspire therapy.

She discovered she qualified following an Inspire therapy consult appointment, and she received Inspire a few months later.

Linda Cole and her husband Mark sit down by a river in Michigan.

Sleeping better is only one of the effects for Cole. She also said her brain is back to functioning as if she was years younger.

She is still able to play trombone in multiple bands and goes camping and walking with her husband often.

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