Inspire Medical Systems Ranks #2 on Cleveland Clinic’s List of the Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2018

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Neuromodulation to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea selected from
among 300 nominated medical innovations

MINNEAPOLIS (November 1, 2017) — Inspire Medical Systems, Inc., the
manufacturer of the only FDA-approved active implantable device for obstructive sleep
apnea (OSA), announced today that its Inspire therapy was selected the #2 ranked
medical innovation that “has the power to transform healthcare in 2018” by a panel of top
physicians and researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.

“We have seen significant improvements in patient outcomes with Inspire therapy at the
Cleveland Clinic since FDA approval in 2014,” said Alan H. Kominsky, M.D., Director
of the Cleveland Clinic Otolaryngology Residency Program. “We look forward to
continuing to deliver this transformative medical innovation to our patients at the
Cleveland Clinic in 2018 and beyond.”

Inspire therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for moderate-to-severe sleep apnea
patients who are unable to use CPAP, and has been implanted in over 2,000 patients
worldwide since 2014. This small device is implanted under the skin during an
outpatient surgical procedure. Once implanted, the Inspire neurostimulator delivers mild
stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve, which controls the muscles and movements of the
tongue, thereby stabilizing the upper airway and improving airflow during sleep. Patients
use a sleep remote to turn the therapy on when they go to bed, and can adjust their own
therapy, as necessary.

“Each year, the Cleveland Clinic names their top 10 medical innovations for the coming
year, and we are thrilled to be #2 on this list for 2018,” said Tim Herbert, CEO of Inspire
Medical Systems. “We are proud of the patient outcomes generated to date with our
Inspire therapy. Our collaborative relationship with physicians and allied health
professionals in the United States and Europe, including the Cleveland Clinic, is critical
to bringing Inspire therapy to those obstructive sleep apnea patients who do not derive a
benefit from CPAP.”

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In a related publication entitled, “Impact of Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation on Early
Patient Reported Outcomes: The Cleveland Clinic Experience”, published in the April
27, 2017 issue of SLEEP, an international journal focused on sleep and circadian science,
Dr. Kominsky and his associates from the Cleveland Clinic presented the results of their
independent study evaluating patients who were prescribed Inspire therapy. The
investigators’ initial hypothesis noted that while published data support the long-term
benefit and durability of hypoglossal nerve stimulation on patient reported outcomes, the
effect on depression and insomnia indices remained unclear.

The results of this study confirmed prior findings of Inspire therapy, as the treatment
generated improvement in self-reported dozing propensity and sleepiness impact on a
patient’s quality of life. Additional, new findings, showed an early and clinically
significant improvement in depression scores and a trend for improvement in insomnia.
The investigators noted that larger-scale and longer-term studies are needed to more fully
examine the extent and sustainability on depression and insomnia symptoms.

About Inspire Therapy
Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation therapy, or also known as Cranial Nerve (XII)
Stimulation therapy, is an FDA-approved treatment for some people with moderate to
severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea who are unable to use or get consistent benefit from
continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). In contrast to CPAP, Inspire therapy is
implanted inside the body and works with a patient’s natural breathing process.
Controlled by the small handheld sleep remote, the system includes a breathing sensor
and a stimulation lead powered by a neurostimulator. During sleep, the Inspire system
senses breathing patterns and delivers mild stimulation to the tongue and other soft
tissues of the throat to keep the airway open. Inspire therapy is currently available at
over 150 leading medical centers across the United States and Europe.

About Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.
Inspire Medical Systems, Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minn., was founded with the
purpose of developing a safe, effective and well-accepted therapy to help those OSA
patients who are unable to tolerate or get relief from CPAP. Inspire therapy is the
world’s first implantable FDA-approved neurostimulation system for the treatment of
OSA. The Company is privately held and investors include Amzak Health, Aperture
Venture Partners, GDN Holdings, Johnson & Johnson, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,
Medtronic, OrbiMed Advisors, Synergy Life Science Partners, TGap Ventures and US
Venture Partners.

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