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The views expressed in the news stories below are the views of the media and not Inspire Medical Systems. The patient testimonials in these stories relate to accounts of an individual’s response to treatment. The accounts are genuine, typical and documented. However, responses to the treatment can and do vary. Not every response is the same.


Nov 2018

Solving Sleep Apnea with a New Procedure

Keith Flinton was a first responder in NYC on 9/11 who for years suffered with obstructive sleep apnea.  Nothing seemed to work for him until he tried Inspire therapy.  Now, he says… “It’s fantastic.  And my wife’s happy!”  

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Nov 2018

A Pacemaker for Sleep Apnea

Michael Winkle struggled with his CPAP mask for years… then he tried Inspire.  Now his “life has changed dramatically”.

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Sep 2018

Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is Now in the Palm of your Hand

Joy Helminski had all of the classic sleep apnea symptoms but couldn’t find a CPAP mask that fit her face.  Then she tried Inspire.  She says… “Within two weeks after I had it activated it was like the sun had come out.”

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Aug 2018

Both Husband and Wife Benefit from Inspire Therapy

Daniel Zawacki received Inspire in 2015.  It changed his life… ending his snoring and his restlessness at night.  A few years later, his wife Christine was also given Inspire.  As the first husband and wife Inspire family, they both say Inspire therapy has changed their lives for the better. 

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Aug 2018

Trouble Sleeping: Finding the Right Solution

James Morales suffered with obstructive sleep apnea for years.  Even with his CPAP machine, he relied on sleeping pills to get enough sleep each night.  Then he tried Inspire.  “Inspire not only saved my life, but it has changed my entire life,” he continued. “I feel like an actual person now, and I told my wife, ‘I finally get to sleep like you do.’”

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