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Mar 2017

Implantable device may help some sleep apnea sufferers

Tom Wurzbach was tired all the time from what he thought was old age. When he found out he actually was suffering from sleep apnea, he tried CPAP and various other surgeries with little to no success. After receiving Inspire therapy, Tom realizes just how much he was missing out on simply from being tired.

Hear more from Tom and his doctor from Fox 5 Atlanta. 

Jan 2017

Pursuit of Peaceful Sleep Leads to Just That After Implant Surgery at Mt. Sinai

Peter S wasn’t able to use a CPAP and began researching new ways to treat obstructive sleep apnea. It was during his search that he heard about Inspire therapy. After receiving the implant in June of 2016, Inspire has become a nighttime ritual that he can’t live without.

Hear more about Peter’s experience at Mt. Sinai here.

Jan 2017

New Technology Offers Hope For Sleep Apnea Patients

Both Al Pierce of South Carolina and Bart Van Alphen of Illinois struggled for years with sleep apnea. Al took an afternoon nap every day and Bart struggled at work reading the same sentences over and over again. Since receiving Inspire therapy, both men have been living happy and well-rested lives.

Click here to read more from Al, Bart, and Dr. Jonathan Pomerantz.

Dec 2016

High-Tech Sleep Solution Comes to Kansas City

Ron often forgot where he was going due to his untreated obstructive sleep apnea. He couldn’t wear a CPAP mask so he was resigned to living a poor, sleep-deprived life. When he heard about Inspire therapy, he was elated there was finally another treatment option.

Hear more from Ron and his doctors, Dr. Chris Larson and Dr. Suzanne Stevens, here.

Dec 2016

New Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Jim struggled to get a good night’s sleep ever since being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea in 2012. After receiving Inspire therapy, he feels well-rested, sleeps longer, and feels much better overall.

Hear more from Jim via CNN.