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The views expressed in the news stories below are the views of the media and not Inspire Medical Systems. The patient testimonials in these stories relate to accounts of an individual’s response to treatment. The accounts are genuine, typical and documented. However, responses to the treatment can and do vary. Not every response is the same.


May 2018

From Sleepless Nights to a Widowmaker Heart Attack

Each night before Gerald Griffin fell asleep, he’d wonder if he would stop breathing and never wake up. He eventually suffered a severe heart attack and knew he needed to find a treatment for his sleep apnea. In February 2018, Gerald starting using Inspire therapy. Now, he feels like a different person and is no longer afraid to go to bed.

Hear more from Gerald and his doctor. 

Mar 2018

New Implant Device A Breakthrough In Sleep Apnea Treatment

Laurie Moline was so exhausted from her untreated obstructive sleep apnea that she used to put her car in park at a stoplight just to close her eyes for a few seconds. She tried to use CPAP, but could never get comfortable wearing a mask. After using Inspire therapy for just one night, she felt better than she had in years.

Hear more from Laurie and her doctor on CBS Minnesota.

Jan 2018

Sleep Apnea Patient Finds Rest with Implant Device: “It Saved My Life”

Peggy Siravo suffered such severe memory loss due to her untreated OSA that her family thought she had dementia. Now that she uses Inspire therapy, she feels great and truly believes it “saved her life”.

Hear more from Peggy and Dr. Maurits Boon of Jefferson Health on CBS This Morning.

Jan 2018

New Nerve Stimulation Treatment Helps Ease Sleep Apnea

Jessica Wilson suffered from severe daytime sleepiness and depression due to her untreated sleep apnea. She tried using CPAP, but would take the mask off during the night. Last year, her doctor at Vanderbilt University suggested she try Inspire therapy. Inspire has given her more energy than ever before, her depression has been eliminated and she is calling Inspire the “best thing she’s ever done”.

Hear more from Jessica and Dr. Kent at Vanderbilt University.

Oct 2017

Neuromodulation to Treat Sleep Apnea: Top 10 Medical Innovations 2018

The Cleveland Clinic announced the Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2018, naming Neuromodulation to Treat Sleep Apnea the #2 innovation of the year.

Watch a short video of the announcement here.